Welcome to Westminster, Regina

In Person Worship

We continue to have online worship only.  You can find our service on Facebook.

What We Believe

Have you ever thought that you can’t belong to a church because you don’t believe what ‘those people’ believe? Many of us who attend Westminster have had that same thought! And if you were to ask a few of us about our own personal spiritual beliefs, you’d find that no two people believe the exact same thing. At Westminster, we like to acknowledge and celebrate this diversity, while trying to meet the spiritual needs of each congregation member.

That said, there are certainly beliefs that we hold in common. We belong to a church because we believe that it is a vehicle for doing good in a world that so desperately needs it. Many of us feel that Jesus set an admirable standard for peace and justice and try in our own ways to live up to that standard. We hope that you’ll consider joining us at Westminster as we work to make the world a better place!

For an overview of beliefs of the United Church of Canada, click here.


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The bulletin for August 15 2021 in Waterton National Park.  Service can be found on the Waterton United Church facebook page.   2021 worship bulletin

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